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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
2to8regrading [no description available]
Acf Academic Clinical Fellows Forum
Amags No short description given
Aqeg Air quality Expert Group
Arch-all Archaeology Staff List
Arch-associates Email list for Honorary Staff
Arch-dlpg Discussion list for distance learning archaeology research students
Arch-eq Archaeology School Equipment Committee
Arch-pgs Archaeology Staff-Postgraduate Discussion List
Arch-rc Mailing list for research Committee
Arch-sbg No short description given
Arch-tlc Academic Commitee mailing list
Arch-ulas Discussion list for members of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services
Arch-ulasboard Mailing list for committee members who sit on the ulas committee meeting.
Arch-year1 mailing list of all 1st year archaeology undergraduate students
Arch-year2 Mailing list of all 2nd year archaeology undergraduate students
Arch-year3 mailing list of all 3rd year archaeology undergraduate students
Artoption-2006 No short description given
Aut-depreps Discussion list for departmental representatives of local branch AUT
Bamedsoc1 No short description given
Bamedsoc2 No short description given
Bamedsoc3 No short description given
Bamsfmsemgu No short description given
Bineri_leic No short description given
Bio_jc Biology Journal Club
Bioinfo-announce No short description given
BioSHaRE-IT Discussion of informatic infrastructure for the BioSHaRE project
BIT-Meeting Mailing list for the BIT Meetings
BOReportWriters List for UoL BO Report Writers
Brisskit_dev_team BRISSKit project technical development & related
BRISSKit_mgmt_team No short description given
Brookeslab Private list for members of Prof Anthony Brookes' group, Genetics
Bsccommmedsoc1 No short description given
Bsccommmedsoc2 No short description given
Bsccommmedsoc3 No short description given
Cafevariome No short description given
Cahlpostdoc Postdocs in CSSAH
Careerstaff No short description given
Ccggeogphd No short description given
Chembiotechgp No short description given
Chemdept-l Departmental mailing list for Department of Chemistry
Chempdra-l Research Assistants
Chempgrad-l List for disseminating information to chemistry postgraduate students
Chemstaff-l Departmental mailing list for Chemistry staff
Chisraacademics The China studies research alliance academics
Chisraphd No short description given
Clc-list Critical Legal Conference
Clinicaltrainees DClinPsy trainees
Cluster-gbwg Cluster Ground Based Working Group List
CollegeScienceEngineering No short description given
ComputedMedicine No short description given
Computedmedicine-all No short description given
Computers Staff involved in the purchasing of computers needed to receive regular updates on new purchasing arrangements.
Con-nexus Conodont-related discussion and announcements
Copfadmin COPF Adminstration
Cppe-news CPPE events and activities
Cs-test1 No short description given
Cs-test2 No short description given
Cs-test3 No short description given
Cse-ps-staff No short description given
CSE-TLRes No short description given
Csenresl CSEN Res Directors List
Cta-leicester No short description given
CUTLASS-status CUTLASS Status List - for CUTLASS radar operators only
CUTLASS-users CUTLASS Users List - information about the CUTLASS system
DARN-data SuperDARN data processing issues/software list
DARN-DDWG DARN Data Distribution Working Group
DARN-fitacf SuperDARN FITACF working group list
DARN-operators Information for SuperDARN radar operators
DARN-OSWG Discussions on future OS for SuperDARN
DARN-PI SuperDARN Principal Investigators private list
DARN-QNX SuperDARN QNX operating system list
DARN-software Software Review Committee mailing list
DARN-space SuperDARN - Space mailing list
DARN-SWG The SuperDARN Scheduling Working Group (SWG) list
DARN-SWG-chair Chairperson of the DARN Scheduling Working Group
DARN-system SuperDARN systems discussion list
DARN-userguide Discussions about the SuperDARN userguide
DARN-users General SuperDARN discussion list
DARN-weather SuperDARN Space Weather working group list
Dclinpsy03 Email list for '03-'06 trainees on D.Clin.Psy course
Dept-manager-admin Discussion list for members of Departmental Managers and Administrators Network
Dept-managers Department Managers discussion list
Dept-web Inter-departmental Web Discussions
Development-research-oda For those interested in working with people in developing countries
Dhdistance-learning Discussion list for Digital Heritage students
Dielectrics Contact between members of the Dielectrics Group
Digby No short description given
Digby_sw No short description given
Digitalhumanities University of Leicester digital humanities interest group
Dimm List for students and faculty on University certificate in mountain medicine
DiRAC-announce Leicester DiRAC announcements
Distancelearning_network Network for distance learning department/ centre staff
Dkp No short description given
Dlsaahalumni No short description given
Easst-ext-board No short description given
Educsustdev Education for Sustainable Development
Eg-academics Academic and academic related staff in the Department of Engineering
Eg-asdec No short description given
Eg-cec No short description given
Eg-CI-Seminars List for the dissemination of announcements of seminars of the Control & Instrumentation group of the Department of Engineering
Eg-clerical No short description given
Eg-eess No short description given
Eg-elec-res-gp Electrical Research Group
Eg-mom-res-gp Mechanics of Materials Research Group
Eg-phd Engineering PhD Students
Eg-pst No short description given
Eg-research-associates No short description given
EG-Students-1st Engineering 1st year students
EG-Students-2nd No short description given
EG-Students-3rd Mailing list for all third year Engineering students
EG-Students-4th No short description given
Eg-Students-MSc Mailing list for Engineering MSc students
Eg-technical Engineering Technical Staff
Eg-visitors No short description given
Eiscat-int No short description given
Electrochemandbp No short description given
Eng-ma-academic-staff Maths and Eng based in the MAB
Eng-ma-students No short description given
Eng-visitors No short description given
English_society Eng_soc
Enterprisingstudents Messages, flyers and events information relating to enterprise
Eoliseo No short description given
Eos_ghg No short description given
Eos_staff No short description given
EP Einstein Probe (Leicester members)
Esa-rn-genderrelations The mailing list of the European Sociological Association Research Network 'Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State'
Esgeogphd No short description given
esl Embedded systems laboratory
Exoplanets Leicester exoplanet researchers
Facultydmm Mailing list for faculty members of Diploma in Mountain Medicine
FIJP Feminist International Judgments Project mailing list
Firstaidsociety No short description given
Fitp-crew Fitp crew
Forum_ehealth No short description given
Found-stem Foundation STEM Student Mailing List
Futureinthepresent No short description given
GEN2PHEN-alliance GEN2PHEN alliance mailing list
Genetics5 List for arranging 5-a-side matches and practices within the genetics dept.
Geog-1st-Yrs Mailing list for all 1st yr students in the Geography Dept.
Geog-2nd-Yrs Mailing list for all 2nd yr students in the Geography Dept.
Geog-3rd-Yrs Mailing list for all 3rd yr students in the Geography Dept.
Geog-Academic Mailing list for all academic staff members in the Geography Dept.
Geog-MSc Mailing list for all MSc students in the Geography Dept.
Geog-PhD Mailing list for all PhD students in the Geography Dept.
Geog-RA Mailing list for all research associate members of staff in the Geography Dept.
Geol-academic Geology Academic Staff
Geol-pgr Mailing list for Geology PGR students
Geol-research Geology Research Staff
Geol-yr1 Geology 1st Year
Geol-yr2 Geology 2nd Year
Geol-yr3bsc Geology 3rd Year BSc
Geol-yr3mgeol Geology 3rd Year MGeol
Geol-yr4 Geology 4th Year
Geolgeogpst Geology and Geography Professional Services Team
Gfld-uhl-comms NHS Comms
Ghg_cci No short description given
Ghost No short description given
Gm-list University Genetic Modification sub-committe discussions
GPLab214 George Porter Lab 2.14 mailing list
Grbgroup No short description given
Greenform No short description given
Headsofdepartments Heads of College/Division/Department/PVCs
HelpZone-contacts No short description given
HGVbaseG2P-news GWASCentral-news and updates list
Hidl No short description given
Hllnet A discussion group for people interested in historical lexicography and lexicology
Holdersdmm Holders of UIAA and PGC/Dip/MSc Mtn Med
Hvdc Partners on EC grant
Hvdc-12 Partners on EC research HVDC project, work package 1&2
Hvdc-34 hvdc-34 listserver mailing list
Hypirstaff No short description given
I-health No short description given
I-health-all No short description given
I-t-p Notices and discussion regarding the teaching of Italian, intended for part-time staff teaching "IT" modules in the School of Modern Languages, University of Leicester
iau-mail Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
IC1405 Mailing list for COST Action IC1405 on Reversible Computation
IC1405-WG1 Mailing list of WG1 of COST Action IC1405 on Reversible Computation
igemteam iGEM team mailing list No short description given
Impala.research Impala interest group
Impalapartners No short description given
Intsci-y3 Interdisciplinary Science Third Year Undergraduate Mailing List
Intsci-y4 Interdisciplinary Science Fourth Year Undergraduate Mailing List
Irhdistance-learning No short description given
Isdistance-learning General Interpretive Studies Discussion List
ISHLL A moderated mailing list for the International Society for Historical Lexicography and Lexicology. An electronic news letter.
Ishllcom Discussion list for the Committee of the International Society for Historical Lexicography and Lexicology.
ISTinfo Innovation, Science and Technology Group, School of Management, University of Leicester
Its-itpb Members of IT Portfolio Board
Its-powershell No short description given
Its-pprt Project Portfolio Review Team Members
Its-research Research computing interest group
Its-support-staff An Internal mailing list for IT Support staff in IT Services
Its-train-test No short description given
Its-wordpress Announcements relating to the managed Wordpress service
Journalclubtheoryastro Mailing List for TA/XROA Journal Club
Journoforum Forum for journalism/news production issues
Ks-status CRL King Salmon (Alaska West) SuperDARN radar status
Language_group A group of researchers in the school of education in the area of language, culture and applied linguistics
Law-feminism Law & Feminism mailing list
Law-final-year No short description given
Law-phd Law research students
Law-staff Law staff email list
Law-tutors Law (extenal) tutor email list
Lean-launchpad No short description given
Li-diary For library staff to inform each other about staffing issues
Li-elecinfo Mailing list for these staff involved in dealing with all aspects of electronic journal administration.
Li-ilf No short description given
Li-inf-services Discussion list for the Research Services team
Li-lra Leicester Research Archive team
Li-lucg Library Users Consultative Group
Li-pmg PMG
Li-shelving Mailing list for all members of the shelving team.
Li-supervise No short description given
Lib-all-staff Email list for all members of Library Staff
Lib-team-managers shared email for all middle managers in the library
Libcs List for Library Content Services Team
Libnotifications No short description given
Libshoppers Library Shoppers
Liseo No short description given
Liwepop_leicester The list for the Leicester Interdisciplinary Workshop in Elections, Participation, Public Opinion and Parties (LIWEPOP)
Llr-lfif No short description given
Lmsnet-list No short description given
Lmt No short description given
Lutmailinglist LUT mailing list
Lvsdistance-learning No short description given
Maal Discussion for MA Applied Linguistics Students
Mac-users A list to help support macintosh users across the university.
Mandsboard Discussion group for the board and editors of the museum and society online journal
MarketingPlanningComms No short description given
Mass_members No short description given
Maths-acad Maths Academic Staff
Maths-allstaff Maths All Staff
Maths-dmg No short description given
Maths-ihc Maths Inter-House Committee
Maths-office Maths Admin Office Staff
Maths-phd Maths PhD Students
Mcdl Mass Communication Distance Learning Discussion List
Medicalstudents MedicsInfo
Medieval-research-l Medieval Studies in the Midlands: distribution list for the MRC (UoL)
Meritawards No short description given
Meritawards2013 No short description given
Mg-exhibition-design-net No short description given
Migration_leicester Migration researchers at Leicester
Migration_leicester_external No short description given
Migration_leicester_phd Leicester Migration Network PhD students
Migrationmedia No short description given
Monthpay Used to provide information to users of the monthly payroll.
MOP Magnetosphere of the Outer Planets (MOP) conference information
Ms-academics Discussion list for academic staff of the museum studies department
ms-digital Digital Heritage Research Group.
Ms-dlmasters Discussion for Museum Studies Distance Learning Master Degree students
Ms-staff Discussion list for all staff of the museum studies department
Msdistance-learning Discussion for Museum Studies Distance Learning students
Msreunion Discussion/contact group for past students of Leicester Museum Studies
Msrg-members MSRG-members
MSTK Managing Science, Technology and Knowledge Research Group
Museum-studies Discussion for staff and students on Museum StudiesMasters, Diploma and Higher Degree courses
Museumsociety Listserver for information and exchanges by subscribers to museum and society online journal.
Museumstudies-1006 No short description given
Museumstudies-dl008 No short description given
Museumstudies-dl011 No short description given
Museumstudies-dl1003 Discussion list for distance learning students registering on 1st October 2003
Museumstudies-dl1004 Distance Learning Students - October 2004 registration
Museumstudies-dl1005 Discussion list for distance learning students registered in October 2005
Museumstudies-dl1007 No short description given
Museumstudies-dl1009 No short description given
Museumstudies-dl1010 Discussion list for Museum Studies students from the October 2010 intake.
Museumstudies-dl2012 No short description given
Museumstudies-dl404 Discussion list for distance learning students registered in April 2004.
Museumstudies-dl405 Discussion list for distance learning students, April 2005 intake
Museumstudies-dl406 Discussion list for distance learning students, April 2006 intake
Museumstudies-dl407 Discussion list for Museum Studies students from the April 2007 intake
Museumstudies-dl409 Discusion list for April 2009 Museum Studies students
Museumstudies-dl410 Discussion list for Museum Studies students from the October 2009 intake.
Museumstudies-dl411 No short description given
Museumstudies-dl412 No short description given
Museumstudies-phd Discussion list for museum studies research students
Museumstudies-tutors Discussion list for Museum Studies Distance Learning tutors
Museumstudiessociety Museum Society
Natsci-y1 Natural Sciences First Year Undergraduate Mailing List
Natsci-y2 Natural Sciences Second Year Undergraduate Mailing List
Natsci-y3 Natural Sciences Third Year Undergraduate Mailing List
Natsciences_contributers IS/NS Contributors
Natsciences_heads HoDs of NS-contributing depts
Natsciences_management IS/NS Management Group
Natsciences_staff IS/NS staff mailing
NCEO NCEO staff list
Nceoassociates NCEO Associates
Nceodirectorate No short description given
Nceooda1 No short description given
Nceooda2 No short description given
Nceooda3 No short description given
Nceooda4 No short description given
Nceostudents NCEO Students
Nercfglist Internal NERC funder group listserver
Neurojc Neuroscience Journal Club
Ngts General mailing for the NGTS exoplanet survey project
Ngts-fup For NGTS follow-up observation discussions
Ngts-ops NGTS operations discussions
Ngts-pipe Mailing list for NGTS data pipeline developers
Nix-users Communications list for staff who admin or use *nix systems
NPBacademic Comms for NPB academic staff
NPBemeritus Communication to NPB Emeritus staff
NPBpgr Communication for NPB PGRs
NPBpostdoc Postdoc comms for NPB
NPBseminar For distributing seminar announcements to honorary, visiting and other associated staff
NPBstaff Communication for NPB staff
NPBsupport Comms for NPB prof. services staff
Optestlist No short description given
Oral Announcements and information list about the EAST MIDLANDS ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVE
Organicsection Information for those that work in the Organic section in the Chem Dept
Pain-2001 Discussion list for Anaesthesia & Pain Management Dept on MSc in Pain Management course
Pgradmin No short description given
Phys-1 Mailing List for Physics First Year Undergraduates
Phys-2 Mailing List for Physics Second Year Undergraduates
Phys-3-bsc No short description Mailing List for Physics Third Year BSc Undergraduatesgiven
Phys-3-mphys No short description givenMailing List for Physics Third Year MPhys Undergraduates
Phys-4 Mailing List for Physics Fourth Year Undergraduates
Physics-alumni Department of Physics & Astronomy Alumni
Physics-postgrads Physics Postgraduate Discussion and Communication
Physics-research Physics Research Discussion and Communication
Physics-staff Physics Staff Discussion and Communication
Physics-technology Discussion for support staff in Physics and Astronomy
Physics_pgt Physics PGT Mailing List
Phytopal Listserver for Palaeozoic paleontologists
Plone-users No short description given
Politics-society Politics Society Members Mailing List
Psyc-app1 No short description given
Psyc-app2 No short description given
Psyc-app3 No short description given
Psyc-ca1 Student Course Group
Psyc-ca2 Student Course Group
Psyc-ca3 Student Course Group
Psyc-expt Communication for psychology exceptions
Psyc-gta Comms for Graduate Teaching Assistants in Psy
Psyc-mscfor email communication to all students on the MSc in Forensic Psychology
Psyc-mscres Communication for MSc in Research Methods
Psyc-pb2 Student Course List
Psyc-pb3 Student Course Group
Psyc-pc1 No short description given
Psyc-pc2 No short description given
Psyc-pc3 No short description given
Psyc-pn2 Student Course Group
Psyc-pn3 Discussion group for psychology pn3.
Psyc-ps1 Student Course Group
Psyc-ps2 Student Course Group
Psyc-ps3 Student Course Group
Psyc-sa Study Abroad students taking Psychology modules
Psyc-ss1 Student Course Group
Psyc-ss2 Student Course Group
Psyc-ss3 Student Course Group
Psyc-ugac Communication for psychology teaching staff (academic)
Psycemeritus Psychology emeritus & honorary staff
Quietpatrol Library Quiet Patrol Staff
Racs-city Email service for City Living
Racs-osv Email service for Oadby Student Village
Racs-staff Residential & Commercial Services
Rage No short description given
ratmn Student Field Trips
Rcmg-tag No short description given
REDPIG REsearch Data Publication Interest Group
Researchstaffforum Physics Research Staff Forum
RSPP-postgrads A list for RSPP postgraduate students
Sapusers Information and advice for SAP users
Sci-Eng-IT College of Science & Engineering IT Group
Science-postdoc No short description given
Scrnewspaperauction No short description given
Sdc-nvq List for NVQ candidates + assessors to communicate + share information
Sharemed-all No short description given
Slang Discussion of English slang for professional linguists
Socio-legal Socio-legal researchers email list
Socsci-academic No short description given
Socsci-admin-staff No short description given
Socsci-all-staff No short description given
Softwarepanel University Software Panel internal communications
SPPG-all SPPG-all mailing list
Sprite-list Sprite Summer School informal mailing list
SRC List for members of the Space Research Centre
Src-annexe Members of the Space Research Centre based in the Michael Atiyah Building Annexe
SRC-EOS List for Earth Observation Science members within the Space Research Centre
SRC-SPI List for Space Projects and Implementation members within the Space Research Centre
SRC-STAFF List for staff within the Space Research Centre
SRC-STUDENTS List for students in the Space Research Centre
Srs-users Used to send information to users of the student records system.
Srs-web Used to send information to users of the web front-end for the student records system.
STIops Science, Technology and Innovation
Su-ballroomsociety University of Leicester Latin American and Ballroom Dancing Society
su-bunac-list BUNAC - Work & Travel Abroad
Su-burlesquemembers No short description given
Su-economicsinfo Information to the Economics Society members
Su-heforshe No short description given
Su-mensbball No short description given
Su-streetandbreakdance Street and Break Dance
Su-tennis_club No short description given
su-ulcompsoc ULCS Mailing List
su-ulcs-committee ULCS Committee Mailing List
Su-uol-chem-soc UoL Chem Soc
Sumspga Mature Students & Postgrad Assoc.
Testlist No short description given
TPC-FOR Circulation list for all Taught Postgraduate Psychology Forensic staff
TPC-OCC Circulation list for all Taught Postgraduate Psychology Occupational staff
Tropical_peat_group UK Research Group with Interests in Tropical Peatlands
ucu-committee Leicester UCU Committee
UCULeicester University of Leicester UCU members
Ulsmacadall School of Management FT Academics, Visiting & Honorary Academics
Undoctored Post-grads involved with editing the journal The Undoctored Past
Uolbikeusergroup This list is for UoL Bicycle Users
Uolpublictransportusergroup No short description given
Wasp Mailing for the WASP exoplanet survey project
Weekpay Used to provide information to users of the weekly payroll.
Womensforum Women's Forum
XROA X-Ray and Observational Astronomy Group
Yellowcar No short description given

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